Stochastic Dominance, Income Inequality, Poverty

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This is the web page for the short course given at QUT in February 2017. The course outline, the main references, and the course notes are available here.

The course outline can be found here, and the notes, in the form of slides, used as the main support for the course are found here.

Here is the article "On the Measurement of Poverty" by A. B. Atkinson (1987)

"Ethical Indices for the Measurement of Poverty" by Blackorby and Donaldson (1980) is here.

"Statistical Inference for the Measurement of the Incidence of Taxes and Transfers" by Jean-Yves Duclos and me (1997) is here.

"Statistical Inference for Stochastic Dominance and for the Measurement of Poverty and Inequality" also by Jean-Yves Duclos and me (2000) is here.

This link is to "A Class of Decomposable Poverty Measures" by Foster, Greer, and Thorbecke (1984).

This link is to "Poverty Orderings" by Foster and Shorrocks (1988).

"Poverty: an Ordinal Approach to Measurement" by Amartya Sen (1976) is here.

My colleague Michel Lubrano has written an excellent article, in the form of lecture notes, on the econometrics of inequality and poverty, covering many of the topics I treat in this course. This link take you to his article.

If you download the documents to which there are links in this page, you will need Acrobat Reader (or some similar program) in order to read them. The link below allows you to connect to the Acrobat website, from which you can download the program if you do not have it already.

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